Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Exam Story (Episode II)

In my previous post, I focused on the philosophy of the PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner) exam and mentioned about to whom this exam is related to ( In this continuation post, I will touch the methods of studying, sources that needed to be studied and reply the question how you should study to guaranty to get the certificate. You can achieve the information about concept of the exam, application steps and tips about the exam in this article. I prepared my advices point by point to create the functionality of a to do list. When you mark as done to all bullets and read over first episode of the post, you can take the exam confidently.

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Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Exam Story (Episode I)

I mentioned about the Product Owner role in the organizations, incorrect decisions about this positioning and responsibilities of the Product Owner in the period of agile transformation in last month’s blog post. You can find it from the following link ( This month, I will focus on the exam, that proofs the ability of the candidates about Scrum Product Owner, and answer the questions of; the index of the exam, fits for whom, application lifecycle, tips and the tricks about the exam.

What is PSPO I exam?

Firstly I should remind that, ‘PSPO I’ has no prerequisite to enter the online exam just like ‘PSM I’. You need to answer the 80 questions %85 correctly in 60 minutes. Because certification does not have expiration date, owner of the certificate does not need to collect any point or pay money to renew the certificate. When you pass the PSPO exam, announces you as a Professional Scrum Product Owner in their website .

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Positioning Product Owner Role in Organisations

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Scrum processes on three main role that are Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team, which constitute “Scrum Team”. In this article I will be specifically focusing on the Product Owner role in the companies which transformed their organizational structure into Agile from traditional Project Management methods and address the conflicts which people are facing after repositioning their Project Manager Role. Organizations which are not able to fully integrate all its units to the Scrum fail to execute the Scrum Method due to lack of information, education and invented definitions such as “Project Owner”. Thereof, the consequences and execution are more likely against to the Scrum logic.

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