OpenVPN-AccessServer on AWS

OpenVPN-AccessServer on AWS

Have you ever need to access your servers in virtual private cloud environment outside from “safe-zones”? Moreover, does your team willing to login on those machines from almost anywhere at the least appropriate times? And all this requires Volvo-Class security? Well, we got you covered.

Since this article focus on AWS, our challenge comprehends Two major concepts.

  • Enabling the content of landing pages via S3 endpoint in addition to IP white listing.
  • Making sure no one routes internet traffic through the cloud network yet without losing connectivity.

Before telling more, let’s assume a basic scenario; you’ve launched a t2.nano instance & started an openvpn server (with docker or not) and you created a security rule which allows your openvpn instance’s Elastic IP address to any machine in the vpc as well as your S3 buckets. Sounds great but not very ideal. The thing is, AWS doesn’t cost a penny for the network traffic inside your VPC. So from going one EC2 to another you have to reach it over internet. That means both cost and speed issues. Same rule applies for your buckets surely. Not even mentioning that you are also providing kind of an open source ZenMate solution to all your users because whatever they download or upload goes through your network and your very own encrypted connection. And that is something no system administrator wants to be responsible for.

So what is the exact solution? Obviously it isn’t to block outgoing traffic for and I can assure you, we have tried countless approaches from config files to kernel parameters. Meet the most elegant way now, OpenVPN-AS

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