Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Exam Story (Episode I)

I mentioned about the Product Owner role in the organizations, incorrect decisions about this positioning and responsibilities of the Product Owner in the period of agile transformation in last month’s blog post. You can find it from the following link ( This month, I will focus on the exam, that proofs the ability of the candidates about Scrum Product Owner, and answer the questions of; the index of the exam, fits for whom, application lifecycle, tips and the tricks about the exam.

What is PSPO I exam?

Firstly I should remind that, ‘PSPO I’ has no prerequisite to enter the online exam just like ‘PSM I’. You need to answer the 80 questions %85 correctly in 60 minutes. Because certification does not have expiration date, owner of the certificate does not need to collect any point or pay money to renew the certificate. When you pass the PSPO exam, announces you as a Professional Scrum Product Owner in their website .

As known, there are fewer people get the PSPO I certificate than PSM I. That is why, once you are certificated, you will be able to have huge range of job opportunities. Role of Product Owner, generates a different perspective and talent about working with agile and flexible positions especially for the person who works as an Analyst or a Project Manager. Product Owner has managerial and communication based role that is responsible for collecting the information and requirements from the stakeholders and maximizing the value of the product. Although designation of the split time span, ordering the backlog items are mainly responsibilities of The Team; collecting the information and requirements of the stakeholders and determining the financials and calculating budget is practically main responsibilities of the Product Owner. Adding value to the product with the limited sources as a member of a team require more than management abilities; leadership qualification is more suitable for a Scrum Product Owner. Especially for the candidate who trusts his/her financial knowledge and communication skills, or whether prefer or try to improve these abilities might enter the PSPO exam to catch the opportunities.

Pre-exam and application period

As I mentioned before, there is no prerequisite to enter the PSPO I exam. The only thing you need to do is, enter the website and pay 200 Dollar to enter the exam (It is 50 Dollar more expensive than the PSM I exam). When the payment is done, System send the exam code that you can use to take the exam. This code is also do not have the expiration date. I prefer to make payment to define the target before start studying. I believe that, when you decide to do something, first action is the important part to achieve your goal. For instance, when you set a goal for doing any sport activity, standing up and starting to do sit-up has a big effect to achieve the goal. It provides you the ability to not procrastinating by pushing you going out of your comfort zone. However, do not forget that you will have one chance to take the exam with 200 Dollar payment. That is why, do not neglect to ensure enough time for studying enough.

What is waiting you on the exam?

PSPO exam’s content is more or less %70 percent same with the PSM exam. In my PSPO exam none of the questions were same with the PSM exam. PSPO questions are based on best practices and nice to do issues according to cases. Therefore, if you are already experienced on Agile Project Management, you may start with one step ahead.

Because PSPO exam is taken online, it can be defined as an open source exam. However, answering 80 question in 60 minutes, does not allow you to Google or to search questions on any platform. In the exam, you can mark the questions that you want to turn back. Furthermore, system provides users a dashboard to track the marked and answered questions. I have a little tip that may help you in that point; if you do not mark the last question, system will warn you that you have a missing question to answer. This double check helps you to prevent mistakenly clicking on “submit exam” button because of the time pressure.

You can find the detailed list of the sources that need to be studied before the exam on the link I also focus on the important part of these sources and the methods of the study for each of them. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding PSPO exam. And I will be glad to hear your exam grades on the command part.

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