Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Exam Story (Episode II)

In my previous post, I focused on the philosophy of the PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner) exam and mentioned about to whom this exam is related to ( In this continuation post, I will touch the methods of studying, sources that needed to be studied and reply the question how you should study to guaranty to get the certificate. You can achieve the information about concept of the exam, application steps and tips about the exam in this article. I prepared my advices point by point to create the functionality of a to do list. When you mark as done to all bullets and read over first episode of the post, you can take the exam confidently.

  • As I mentioned, 70% of the exam topics are intersect with (PSM I) exam. If you already have the PSM I certification, take a glance at those notes that you took while you studied. However, while doing this overview, you need to ask the question “why” to every rule of the Scrum. It increases the awareness and helps you to answer the questions that needs insight opinion.
  • You can reach the Scrum Guide in 30 different language preferences on the link However, before getting the exam, you need to read the English version of the guide at least once to prevent the ambiguity between languages. Just before taking the exam, it will be better to look at the Scrum Glossary on the link
  • The Scrum mind map which was published by Krystian Kaczor is on the following link should be memorised. In this mind map, every rule, position definition and the lifecycle is reflected on a basic one page graph outstandingly.
  • If you have not finished yet, you need to consummate the animation of Scrum Training Series ( This animation series are the best video lectures about scrum that you can find on the web. The only handicap about this series is; there are mistakes on the numerical values in the videos. It will be better to check this values like “sprint retrospective time box” or “recommended size for a Development Team” while preparing your cheat paper.
  • On the link, you can reach the The Scrum Master Training Manual to revise the Scrum Guide and test yourself with the questions at the end of the manual.
  • The resource that Firebrand Training prepare for studying PSPO is a beneficial resource to labor. (
  • link provide you “Scrum Reference Card” that summarise all the Scrum related issues under only six pages.
  • suggest candidates to read “Scrum Product Ownership” written by Robert Galen. You can either buy the book on Amazon or download the pdf format easily on Web. Because this book have a lot of examples in real world and mentioned best practices, book can be called lifesaver for the PSPO exam.
  • If you do not have PSM I, instead of starting with “Scrum Product Ownership” book, it will be better to prefer “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” written by Gunther Verheyen. For the candidates that have PSM I, although this book is inspirational, it is not an instructive resource.
  • It is forbidden to ask exam questions directly on Scrum forum, however examining the topics on will be helpful for the candidates. Because most frequently and challenging questions have already mentioned in the forums, reading forums as much as you can will enable you to understand the concept of the exam and to test your knowledge.
  • includes open exams for each exam. Scrum Open and Product Owner Open needed to be studied to catch the success in PSPO exam. In addition, Developer Open provides perspective.
  • is one of the most consistent free resource that I found on Web. Although first 50 pages gives the information about Scrum in Deutsch, there are Scrum questions with their answers after 50th page.
  • Ken Schwaber’s, who is the founder of Agile Alliance and, presentation is one of the best presentation that I read which explains Agile logic and Scrum lifecycle.
  • Before getting the exam, learn about BurnDown and BurnUp charts with the information about where and how they are used. Because Scrum Guide include nothing about these concepts, I regard to emphasise this concepts as necessary.
  • There are lots of irrelevant and of the topic questions on the Internet that may mislead you. These questions do not only waste your time, but also change accurate knowledge on your mind. That is why, do not solve every questions you find on Web not to blow your mind and confuse the concepts.

All the points that I mentioned above help the candidates to get the PSPO I certificate. Because I struggled to find source and methods of studying while studying PSPO exam; I tried to touch on every details in my two chapter post (for the first one:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding PSPO exam. And I will be glad to hear your exam grades on the command part.

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